Reboot at S4Y vServer



ave a few questions / problems with the server restart:

What happens when I want to shut down the vServer -> Reboot ? My observation is that the server is not reachable for 1-2 minutes, but no "real" reboot has taken place (would be a bit fast too ...). Should that be so?

But actually no problem, there is still the PowerPanel - I thought anyway. I actually thought that Reboot / Reinstall could be triggered there and then immediately executed automatically. But I have more the feeling that this is really a button must press.

Although it is rarely necessary, I would also like to have the possibility to do a normal system reboot directly with a vServer.
this is about moving the port for the remote desktop. If one knows a way, as that goes without reboot (in the registry I've already changed), I would be helped for the time being ..
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1-2 Minute is realistic for a Reboot.

Did you check your Windows eventviewer for any reboot errors?
One or two minutes look OK for a reboot.
You can open an command prompt on your windows server and type:
net statistics server
There is a line "Statistics since" with date and time of the last reboot.