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Looking for a Postfix / squirrelmail specialist including SSL.


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Looking for a Postfix / squirrelmail specialist including SSL to pay. I have tried and just can't get this to work.

  • Ubuntu
  • Postfix
  • SpamAssassin
  • SquirrelMail
  • SSL
  • WebMin

Yes this is paid work, so we will talk about money.

Must speak English (because my German is awful) and know German (because the server is space rented from strato.de). But everything should be setup in English because my German skills are really awful even after a few years trying to learn.

I need to have a new Postfix installation setup and configured with squirrelmail and getting the SSL to work.

This includes whatever needs to be done to the MX record or the A record, and whatever needs needs to be done to just get it to work.

Write a plan for me to backup and restore in the event of a catastrophe. I’ve over 20 years experience as a professional computer programmer and I’m aware that the skill set is different to that of a system admin. But I do have some technical skills to press a few buttons.

Also things like SpamAssassin, I’m clearly not an expert but first I would like to know best practices for example SpamAssassin so we can talk about details.

So I need all the details of what has been configured written down so that I can get other things to work myself. I'll be installing and setting up OpenCart, MediaWiki and some Issue management/ Ticketing software myself after the email server is working.
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