Bad Pings (S4Y switch?)


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Hi there

Hope this post will not get deleted, because it is in English. I don't know enough German and the translators are not very good :-(

I see many of you are by I have since yesterday a very bad ping, loss of 3%. It happens from everywhere not only from my home. It seems to affect all users that are on the IP's: 85.25.138.x - 85.25.139.x. Traceroute shows problems with

I sent support ticket but there is no response apart from them wanting my traceroute which I immediately sent.

Is anybody else on this IP's? If you are please try it and send a ticket. My remote desktop is hard to use because of freezes of the 3% lost PING's :-(


Hi and Welcome Jerry,

Last week S4Y had bad problems with one of their Router. They told, that it was solved.
What's your location? From Germany everything's working fine.
Thank you. I will start learning German :) This forum is great, but I must translate it using translator (maybe a hint for the administrator: can you make an Enlgish subforum maybe? There are a lot of people from outside that have servers in Germany)...

Yes, I am from Slovenia. I know they had problems, my server didn't have problem. Now it has problems. I tried pinging it also from Germany I have another RootDS at Keyweb and even from them the ping is breaking...

Can you please try to ping some address at 85.25.138.x (most of them are alive)... I loose every 25th ping and lose it badly (2 seconds). Don't just ping for 5 seconds please....

Traceroute shows error at the address at lambda I wrote in first letter. Problem is, my German is so bad I have trouble talking with right support people.
Yes, you are right.
There is a problem with pinging. There are pingloss from 0% upto 25%.
So i think you have to wait for an answer from S4Y
Hi, perhaps you can ask in a e-mail to s4y whether the have an slovenian speaking supporter. Many of the S4Y Supporters come from the Eastern Europe States.

Good luck & cu Jpsy

P.S. : I just noticed that my english get's awfull... :rolleyes: sry
Are you joking? Slovenian support? They don't have English support!

If there is anybody reading this thread who has IP in the range 85.25.138.x - 85.25.139.x please check your ping (it will be bad) and write a support ticket to S4Y...

Anyway, how long it takes for them to answer?