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Webmin 1.170


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Webmin 1.170 Released and Download @ http://www.webmin.com

Changes since Webmin version 1.160
Webmin Users
When editing a Webmin user or group, modules are now displayed under category headings.

Bandwidth Monitoring
First version of this module, which can setup firewall rules and a syslog entry to capture all traffic received by your system on an external interface. The module can then be used to generate reports on this traffic, by host, port and time.

Cluster Copy Files
First version of this module, which can copy multiple files on schedule to servers in a Webmin cluster.

Linux Firewall
Added button for re-setting the firewall to a default configuration.
Added module configuration options for commands to run before and after the firewall is applied.
The firewall configuration can now be copied automatically to multiple hosts in a cluster, and will be applied on all hosts when the the Apply button is clicked. Like other cluster features in Webmin, this requires that the servers be first setup in the Webmin Servers Index module.

Filesystem Backup
Added module configuration option to prevent prompting for a new tape if the curent one runs out of space.

LDAP Users and Groups
Added API functions for managing users and groups, with the same interface as those in the Users and Groups module.
IMAP folders to create can now contain spaces.

Read User Mail
Added buttons for reporting a message as spam and adding the sender to the global SpamAssassin blacklist.

MySQL Database Server
Added the ability to select which tables to include when making a backup.
When viewing table data, the Advanced Search button can be used to perform and/or searches on multiple fields.

Network Configuration
Added the ability to configure static routes on Debian systems.
Fixed bugs that prevented the module from working on SuSE 9.0+, and made it visible on those distributions again.

Postfix Configuration
Added an icon for checking the current Postfix configuration.

PostgreSQL Database Server
Added the ability to select which tables to include when making a backup.

Disk Quotas
Email notification can be set up for users that are close to or have reached their soft or hard limit, on a per-filesystem basis.

Samba Windows File Sharing
Added a new options page for configuring Winbind-related settings.

Sendmail Configuration
Added the ability to edit From:, To: and Connect: tags in Spam Control rules.

Shorewall Firewall
Added a button for manually editing a table file.
Added simple access control, written by Stephen Carville.

Squid Proxy Server
Added buttons on main page for stopping, starting and re-starting Squid.
Added support for editing the refresh_pattern directive.

System Time
On Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris systems, the timezone can now be edited.

Webalizer Logfile Analysis
Added support for Include* Webalizer directives.

Webmin Actions Log
Added access control to limit which modules and users actions are visible for.

Have a Nice Day - Webmin is place to Be :p
So, neue WebMin-Version läuft. Aber:

Vorsicht auf vServer (S4Y) mit dem neuen Modul "Bandbreitenmessung"! Habe mal versucht das einzurichten, auf Schnittstelle "venet0" eingestellt - und siehe da, Server war nicht mehr erreichbar. WebMin gab nur noch als Seitentitel "Fehler" aus und das wars dann... Nach Reboot gings dann aber wieder, Glück gehabt. Laut Systemprotokoll hat iptables gemeckert als das Modul versuchte, seine Firewallregeln für das Logging zu aktivieren...