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Ports set but not open


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I'm stuck with 2 issues:

1. Os: Bunsenlabs/Debian 10 is connected by wlp3S0 to a FritzBox router and
by lan/wire. It accepted the connection by lan only when I put a line in networkmanager.conf like wired:managed. However when I switch off wlan the connection by lan also drops. I need the machine to connect mainly by lan to use the faster bandwidth. Any suggestions?

The other machine runs on Debian 12 and accpts wired automatically and internet is considerably faster. The problem here is the firewall. Basically I have running iptables, nftables and firewalld. Trying one of these firewalls only does not open the reqired ports 22 and 433, only 80 is open. Firewalld is nicely adding all rules into iptables and nftables, visible in the .conf files. But no ports other then 80 gets opened. Hope you can put me out of this conundrum....

Screenshot from 2023-07-01 20-13-33.png

Unfortunately no port open on even if FritsBox opens 80 and 433 for the machines ....at least they should be open locally....