Confixx Nameservers?


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Ich habe einen Wurzeldiener mit confixx Prämie von server4you gekauft aber ich kann nicht verstehen, wie nameservers zu meinem Diener zu deuten! Es gibt kein named (bind) in confixx, damit ich völlig jetzt verwirrt bin. Auch habe ich einen ip gehabt. Könnten Sie mir helfen?

(Erbärmlich für schlechte Sprache ich kann Deutsch nicht sprechen, damit ich einen Gewebeübersetzer benutze, von Englisch für mein Problem zu übersetzen)

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Hi zusammen,
Grüüülllll, wie lange habe ich bitte überlegt was ein Wurzeldiener ist?
Erst dachte ich "Mensch, wirklich konsequent der Gute – alles im reinen deutsch…" weiter unten dachte ich "oder doch ein Trend-Seter?".
Was aber ein "Gewebeübersetzer" ist habe ich noch nicht rausbekommen.

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cappytoi, of course you can ask this question also in english.

oh really,

really good then, I bought a root server from server4you and it has confixx on it. I really want to know how to configure nameservers for this server. confixx premium has not any dns options although server doesnt use named (bind) how can I point my own nameservers and Any solutions?

Dank ;)
Thorsten said:
cappytoi, of course you can ask this question also in english.
Stop! Don't listen to Thorsten, look at his signature:
"we have nothing to say and no way to say it - but we can say it three languages"

No i'm just kiddin ;)

So, you're right, Confixx Premium hasn't got support for nameservers. So you have to do it by your own or use another nameserver-service like (its for free).

I'm sorry but i'm not quite sure if i understand your question in the right way:
You want to setup your own named and you don't know how to do this?
I know to automate bind with confixx (solution: use a script (perl or php) get datas from database and write it to zones and named.conf. thats all but!) But this is a little bit dangerous I think while I am not guru at bind utility. And I wonder is there an utility for bind like webmin but only for bind not for other services! Or anyone have an idea about that situation? Is confixx 1.6 removable from system? If it is I want to change panel to vhcs.
I solved with writing a php program (using confixx database) for creating named.conf and zone files automatically. It is now well working with confixx. Today I try pointing nameservers to my server ip and see whether if it is working or not. If it is working I also add confixx premium 2003 (ver 1.6) a dns panel which can be reach from confixx panel. I also found some bugs in panel 's php section and fix them. I try to add crontab entries, a fantastico clone for confixx, and etc. things later.

Thanks for your helps and opinions.
Nice, i have already done this for the bindserver and released it as GPL. I wrote 2 perl scripts, one for "Confixx" and one for "Plesk", try it out at
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society said:
Nice, i do that already
Ich sitze gerade in English und ich muss jetzt mal sagen: Das ist ja wohl das schlechteste English welches ich je gehört hab ;)

Dennis have you ever heart of the past tense? ;)
this script is for the secondary nameserver without confixx installed on the server. The script get the data from the confixx database and make the config for the second ;-)