Confixx 3.0.7 Update!


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What's new in Confixx Professional 3.0.7

* Fedora Core 3 support

Confixx has been tested in Fedora Core 3 environment.
o Because perl is compiled by a special way. Skins will not work! it will be fixed in next patches.
o There is selinux mode enabled in Fedora Core 3. MOST probably Confixx WILL NOT WORK unless it is disabled. To disable selinux you should edit /etc/selinux/confixx file and set SELINUX=disabled then reboot.
* Debian 3.1 support
* MySQL 4.1 support

there are some mistakes in confixx database definition which cause Confixx not to be installed on mysql 4.1 servers Now they are fixed.
* User backup can use backup dumps from ~/backup directory. i.e. it is not nessesary to copy dumps from ~/backup to ~/restore.
* code completion of connection to databases.

There are several bugs related to databases - external access to user databases, access to Confixx database and Users' database when they are on different boxes. Complete set of mysql connection parameters is introduced in confixx_main.conf. Look there for more comments.
* fixed statistics of update intervals.

Now time of launches and web/ftp traffic counting is correctly shown on Admin::Overview page.
* fixed suidperl issue.

Confixx installation/upgrade tries to fix some issues related to suidperl
o /usr/bin/suidperl and /usr/bin/sperlX.X.X must be the same file
o /usr/bin/sperl must have owner suid bit
BUT for new perls ( Debian 3.1, SuSE 9.2 ) there are some changes are made e.g. /usr/bin/suidperl and /usr/bin/perl are the same file. So Confixx incorrectly processed this case. Now it is fixed. for more information look here
Hallo. Hab es seit letzter Nacht installiert. läuft wunderbar. Die Endkunden müssen nicht mehr ihre eigenen Backups ins Verzeichnis Restore kopieren. Es kann nun im Verzeichnis Backup bleiben.

Wenn man danach noch folgendes macht, läuft auch der Skin Editor bei den Resellern.
chmod 4755 /usr/bin/sperl5.8.1
Hattet ihr es alle ohne Probleme hin bekommen?