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Confixx 3.0.6


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What's new in Confixx Professional 3.0.6

SpamAssassin 3.0 support
tested in SuSE 9.2 environment
Customizable menu can be opened in the left frame or in new window depending on your choice.
fixed customizable menu overview html text is not escaped and is shown as html.
fixed changing SpamAssassin support using admin.pl utility ( in 3.0.5 it does not work)
fixed restoring permissions on user home directories while update or upgrade script are prefor ming. Now default permissions/ownerships are restored by these scripts depending on $restore_users_per missions variable of confixx_main.conf
fixed backing up large size ~/files ~/html ( >2GB ). Now big backup files are splitted into pi eces ( like split command does ).
fixed exceeding quota for POP3 box while pop3 box size is less than quota soft limit. Now hard quota limit is set to 3x of soft limit for POP3 boxes.
fixed creating self-signed sertificate . when you see 'Notice: #1006: Unable to open file "/var/www/confixx/tmp/web0.csr" to read.' like message.
fixed bug when apache logs are not writed for a user who has wildcard domains activated but ha s no a wildcard domain yet.
fixed bug when $append_mail_disk_space is set to ''. Now it is set to '0'. The variable is pla ced in confixx_main.conf and controll weither include disk space of pop3 users to the main user disk usage.
fixed bug user locked see 'Access denied' php warnings when tries his/her domains
fixed many locale bugs.
~50 bugs are fixed in this patch.